Land Use Committee

Land Use Committee

The LPCA Land Use Committee provides review and input on topics governed by the City Planning and Community Development department, including:

  • Land use review of commercial revitalization and street improvements.
  • The planning process, zoning changes, and design guidelines.
  • Development project site plans and designs for permit approvals.
  • Transportation (traffic flow) and utilities in support of the LPCA Public Safety Committee and their work with City Department of Public Works

Project work groups will continue to develop advocacy positions via online meetings and email document exchange.  New Participants are welcome.  

The Land Use Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of alternate months beginning June 15th, 2021 at 6:30 pm by ZOOM and is open to residents and business owners in the Land Park, Upper Land Park, College Plaza, South Land Park, Hollywood Park, and Sierra-Curtis neighborhoods. For upcoming meeting information, related documents, and the Zoom link check the Land Use page of and LPCA Event Calendar.

Project plans are available for review at either the City’s ProjectTracker site or the new Citizen Permit Portal under Search / Planning / Status / Records Info / Attachments.

All Projects

CURRENT PROJECTS  (updated August 2022)

Greater Land Park Community Plan 2020-2040:  Twenty Year Vision & Issue Statements addressing neighborhood livability in the areas of the Economic Environment, the Built Environment and the Natural Environment, and Mobility & Citizen Municipal Government Relations, as part of the official Sacramento General Plan Update.  This includes Land Use Strategies for growth and development – a General Plan Update: Proposed Residential Up-zoning to allow quadplexes, town houses and lot divisions; Proposed Commercial Corridor Mixed-Use building sizes & forms; Land Use Maps & Strategies.

Status: City Draft due in September of our  Community Plan and Climate Adaptation Plan for citizen review in October


Zoning and Limitations – managing height, setback, lot coverage & mass (Winter)

Design Standards for Project Reviews – Maintaining the neighborhood character

Multi-unit Design Guidelines for Community project reviews


Articles & Videos – R1 Upzoning: Meetings, Discussions, Narratives



  • Broadway – W. Sac Bridge and Complete Streets; planning a multi-model corridor (December)
  • Infill Design Guidelines; mixed-use, multi-family and additional dwelling units
  • Broadway – Neighborhood Corridor Design Guidelines; a unifying vision
  • Broadway Complete Streets; a pedestrian-friendly remake
  • Broadway Corridor – X Street Homeless Shelter; concerns & comments
  • Broadway – Central City Specific Plan; a commercial corridor or neighborhood main street
  • Historical District Standards; a strategy for neighborhood preservation
  • Traffic Control and Pedestrian Safety; community workgroup solutions
  • 5G Network Neighborhood Installation; comments & concerns
  • I-5 & Hwy50 Improvements (2020-2023); effects on local traffic



  • Site Plan – 1901 Broadway; a model for affordable housing
  • Site Plan – 1897 Broadway; The Fitzgerald, mid-market apartments
  • Water Main & Meters; worsening street conditions
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Relocation; PG&E escapes without repaving