Our Mission

The Land Park Community Association is a volunteer community group committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of life in the Land Park neighborhood by:

  • Advocating to protect and preserve William Land Park
  • Hosting events that bring neighbors and the community together
  • Raising community awareness on issues affecting our neighborhood
  • Supporting local entities, groups, and projects that enhance life in Land Park
  • Working with elected officials and City staff to advocate on behalf of the Land Park community.
  • Raise money to support community organizations (via grants) and projects to maintain and boost neighborhood culture.

    LPCA Focus 2023

    The Land Park Community Association is not affiliated with any political organization, nor do we manage Land Park. We are a group of volunteer neighbors who dedicate time to advocate for Land Park and the neighborhood. We are as strong and active as those who join us.

    Our interests for 2023 include;

    Bring “More Park” to the community by collaborating with city leaders and staff to advocate for an excellent quality of life experience in the park for all who visit and live nearby.  In addition, advocate for the heath and maintenance of the tree canopy and park wildlife. Support and share Land Park Volunteer Corps’ work.

    Host Social Gatherings Provide fun LPCA-hosted community events such as the Easter “Bunny on the Green,” Park bike/skate day, Octoberfest, block parties and other social gatherings.

     Support Public Safety: This includes traffic safety, park safety and neighborhood safety. 

    Communicate valuable information via LPCA email, social media, website and e-newsletter. Also host informational forums and discussions as needed for land use, public safety and other valuable topics. Present city, county and state topics directly affecting our community

    Welcome Leaders and experts to speak at our community meetings on topics of value.

    Build Relationships With nearby neighborhood associations, local businesses, city, county and state leaders

    Support Charitable Efforts Highlight the charitable efforts and good works of others in our community. Revive the Grants Program (funding losses have restricted our ability to donate as we normally do).



 William Land Park Attractions