Meet the LPCA Board & Join Us!

The LPCA Board is composed of volunteer Land Park neighbors and business owners dedicated to preserving the quality of life for those who live in, and visit the Land Park area.  We are a non-political organization focused on William Land Park and the surrounding neighborhood. We are as active as those who join us.

Board elections are held every March at a community meeting. Each board slot is a two-year volunteer position. To qualify for an LPCA board member position, you must:

  • Live in the Land Park neighborhood.
  • Have a current LPCA membership.
  • Be ready to commit to board member responsibilities.
  • Commit to following through with volunteer projects you choose to participate in.

We welcome new board members to join a committee or promote projects that align with our mission statement. Questions? Contact us at; 

Board Officers

Craig Rutledge

President – Treasurer

Kristina Rogers Land Park

Kristina Rogers

Vice President – Communications

Board Members

Michelle Bell

Board Member – Membership

Anthony Arieas

Board Member – Website/Membership

Rick Stevenson

Board Member  –  Parks 

Monica Robinson

Board Member – Public Safety/Events

Kelly Ramos

Board Member – Events

Elizabeth Blucher

Board Member – Events

Jeff Coleman

Board Member

Kramer Stanfill

Board Member – Events

Ignacio Nacho Barragan

Ignacio Barragan

Board Member – Membership

Roman Ambroselli

Board Member – Website/Traffic Safety

Brent Shultz

Board Member – Traffic Safety

John Schade

Board Member

Beverly Boido

LPCA Admin

To apply for a board position, fill out the Board Application and email to or mail to:

Land Park Community Association
P.O. Box 188285
Sacramento, CA 95818