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LPCA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible.

2024 is Going to Be Busy!

Last year we showed how a small group of neighbors can make a positive difference. The Land Park Community Association, along with neighborhood partners and friends provided great opportunities to connect, share and support others. We want to take this momentum and keep going. Here are a few things we plan to focus on:

  • Advocate for more funding to improve maintenance, safety and amenities at William Land Park.
  • Provide informative community meetings with great speakers, fun moments and a good neighborhood vibe.
  • Partner with our city council representative Rick Jennings and his fabulous staff.
  • Advocate for Public Safety and partner with Law Enforcement.
  • Help launch the new bike/skate loop in William Land Park.
  • Post a community zoo survey for ideas and feedback to share with our city.
  • Partner with Joe Flores our Parks Commissioner.
  • Remain engaged in traffic and street safety with our city.
  • Support local non-profits doing good works locally.
  • Parner with neighbors and local groups who want to beautifuy and improve the quality of life for our community.
  • Work with other neighborhood associations and host a 2024 Mayoral Debate.
  • Provide fun community events!

    The LPCA Board is ready to partner with like-minded individuals and make these and other valuable projects a reality.

    People can get involved with us by;

    Joining a committee

    Partnering on a particular project or issue

    Applying for the board

    Using a special talent to help (like photography, website skills, etc.)

    Joining our membership and donating money

    Everything we do is driven by our Mission Statement. The LPCA is as active and focused as those who choose to join us.


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    Sacramento Primary Elections Happening Now

    Ballots are already showing up in the mail. Are you prepared? If not, learn how to get registered or check your status.  For details and important deadlines go to: SacToday Website

    Also visit the California Secretary of State Voting Page


    We are electing a new Mayor this year

    Educate yourself on the choices. The new mayor will define the direction Sacramento moves towards.

    Several neighborhood associations partnered to host a Mayoral debate on February 6th. All four candidates came and answered questions from the community. The associations included: Hollywood Park, Curtis Park, Mangan Park, South Land Park and Land Park.

    Go to our LPCA YouTube channel to watch the February 6, 2024 Neighborhood Association Mayoral Debate

    Sacramento Vote 2024

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    Volunteer for Land Park

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    Volunteer for Land Park!

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