If you’ve been walking around Broadway lately, you might have noticed the blight and ruin closing businesses. Four businesses along Broadway have shut their doors within the past two months. This includes Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and the Check Cashing store. As of September 9th, Bank of America announced they are closed and have no re-opening date planned. There are several boarded up and empty storefronts as well. Those businesses that remain open are struggling to manage the crime and drug use threatening their own properties.

Some people have had enough and decided to use their voices and show their frustration with the city about the out-of-control crime and illegal drug sales around Broadway. Neighbors from Midtown, Newton Booth, Mangan Park, and Land Park came to protest peacefully. They brought homemade signs and cheered as cars honked in support.

News reporters were there to hear neighbors’ stories. A business owner also came to talk about their challenges with drug use at their restaurant. Here is the  ABC News10 report:

The LPCA supports businesses and a better quality of life for all who live and work around the Broadway area. Our local shops are the heartbeat of our communities. They are where neighbors can gather and talk. Neighbors want to support local businesses, but must feel safe when they do. This is why we will continue to reach out to our local leaders about the crime and illegal drug sales tearing down Broadway and the surrounding area.

While our city and county are working on other issues, including homelessness and mental health, they must balance that work by ensuring public safety. Making our streets safer includes supporting law enforcement and keeping our business corridors clean and walkable. If the Broadway area is genuinely going to “revitalize,” it must consist of law enforcement and excellent maintenance of our roads and walkways.

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