Unfortunately, the Swanston Statue was vandalized in December 2022. Sacramento PD is investigating this crime and we hope justice will be served. All we can do is move forward and rebuild. Our long-time LPCA Board member, Rick Stevenson is working with parks and the Jennings team to help locate funding. He is also speaking with restoration experts to get a full evaluation. If fundraising is involved, we will update the community where to donate money if people are interested in helping.

In the meantime, people may not be aware of the history of the artist who created the Swanston Statue, Ralph Stackpole. A life-long artist with an impressive resume of art deco monuments, frescos and statues. Stackpole was connected to many other artists including Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Gregory Kondos provided presentations of Stackpoles’ work at Sacramento City College.

Bruce Marwick, Preservation Chair for the Art Deco Society provided a Ralph Stackpole presentation with the Sacramento Public Library. You can review the full presentation on Youtube at: