In a recent interview, Dan, the brother of Kate Tibbetts talks about his journey to understand why she was murdered the night of September 3rd, 2021. In her own home, in a neighborhood that has been considered safe for generations, a man broke in and killed Kate Tibbetts. It also changed the trajectory of Dan and his family’s life. Since Kate’s murder, Dan has been searching for answers. Why was a long-time felon allowed out of jail to roam Land Park unsupervised?

Dan has found a domino affect lead to Kate’s killing. The approval of Proposition 47 by voters and sympathies around zero bail and early release all contributed to the tragedy that September night. This story is particularly heart wrenching as it happened in our neighborhood and in a very random way. The murderer wandered Land Park juggling several doorknobs that night. Kate’s door just happened to the be one that allowed him entry.

Mr. Tibbetts was recently interviewed by California Insider. He discussed his journey as an average citizen making his way through a labyrinth of legal jargon and political interests. He’s found some answers and shares them in the interview.

He continues to advocate for his sister. He frequently meets with our local city, county and state representatives. He fights to convince them they need to make changes so there will not be more stories like Kates. Dan is hopeful that with a well-informed public, things can change for the better.

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The LPCA Mission Statement includes addressing public safety issues and relaying information how our neighbors can learn to get involved. The video provides an explanation of  our neighbors’ tragedy and how people can reach out to their representatives to advocate for change.