Construction Activities are Full Steam Ahead

The rains have (mostly) yielded to spring and warmer, drier weather. Since the ground has dried out, the contractor is proceeding with earthwork along the entire length of the trail corridor. Check out our recent progress!

Structures work on the Land Park Underpass widening continues with installing additional formwork and reinforcing steel, in preparation for placement of the concrete deck. The existing old wooden railroad trestle bridge over Willow Slough south of Charlie Jensen Park was removed, making way for a modern, prefabricated, modular steel truss bridge over the slough.

From now through mid-June, the contractor will:

  • Remove the remaining fence, debris and other miscellaneous encroachments on the project corridor.


  • Conduct earthwork operations on the trail alignment along the entire length of the project. Most earthwork will not be visible from roadways, but areas with activity within view of roadways include areas:


    • east of Riverside Blvd at the south end of the underpass.
    • east of Freeport Blvd between Florin and Pocket Roads.
    • south of Pocket Road.


  • Construct modular block walls around some of the existing oak trees that will remain along the project corridor.


  • Construct sidewalk improvements near trail crossings (this may temporarily reduce traffic lanes).
  • Place deck concrete on the LPU structure.


Since heavy machinery will be used with earthwork activities throughout the corridor, it is even more important to adhere to the construction notification signage along the project corridor and at each trail entrance. Please note: no public through access is permitted on the project corridor during construction.

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To see a video: