If you are fed up with the shoplifting, neighborhood theft and illegal drug use lowering the quality of life in our community, attend a petition signing event before the end of April.

Proposition 47 passed in 2014 and was called the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.”  It changed several felonies into misdemeanors taking accountability away from shoplifting, fraud, and fencing stolen property to name a few.  Prop 47 is the reason neighbors see thieves walking out of stores with carts full of unpaid merchandise. It is the reason the illegal drug trade has exploded around our neighborhoods and businesses.

Here are a few things this petition will change:

  • Hold those accountable who are committing repeated retail theft and fentanyl sales crimes impacting our communities.
  •  Allows felony charges for possessing certain drugs, including fentanyl, and for thefts under $950—both currently chargeable only as misdemeanors—with two prior drug or two prior theft convictions, as applicable. Defendants who plead guilty to felony drug possession and complete treatment can have charges dismissed.
  • Bring accountability for repeat smash and grab offenders who are costing all Californians more and chasing retailers out of the state. We need to stop retail crime that is making it harder for all of us to shop because stores are locking up items and increasing security.
  • Bring back options for necessary treatment and job training programs. Those arrested multiple times for hard drug use currently have no incentive to choose treatment.  These seriously addicted individuals have contributed to the California homeless crisis.

The petition is called the Reduce Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft. If we have enough signatures by April 30th, it will be on the fall ballot for the voters to approve.

There will be several locations people can go and sign in the next month. Go to this link to find out more:

Petitions will be signed up until the end of April. Here are some more resources for signing petitions:

Contact Congressman Kevin Kiley’s office:

Look at Sherriff John McGinness website:

Contact the District Attorney’s office: