Recent reports show there is a serious problem with speeding and crashes along Land Park Drive

ABC News Report October 2022

ABC News Report November 2022

The LPCA Traffic Safety Committee is active and will provide monthly reports for 2023. This is the January update.

Update on Petition & Effort Seeking Safer & More Livable Land Park Streets

The Land Park Traffic Safety Committee (LPTSC) continues to work with the City of Sacramento to improve the unsafe traffic conditions along Land Park Drive.

The LPTSC has:

  • Had several meetings with Council Member Valenzuela and Public Works and have requested a meeting with City Council Member Jennings office in early January 2023.
  • Requested engineering studies which can lead to immediate action at documented crash “hot spot” intersections where unsafe conditions are responsible for a pattern of severe crashes.
  • Requested dialogue with city officials regarding specific innovative but practical solutions which are affordable, neighborhood-friendly, and proven to be highly effective without causing traffic to divert and generate problems at other locations.

The petition requesting the city to conduct a traffic safety study of Land Park Drive has collected 458 signatures to date.  We are very thankful for everyone who has signed the petition.  Your efforts have helped to get the city’s attention.  Anyone interested in signing the petition can access it at the following link: