Attached are the Month-end SacPD month-end reports for April 2022:

Firearm Crime Report – April 2022

Monthly Chief Report – April 2022

The City of Sacramento was provided a SacPD budget presentation and request for approval.  To view the meeting for May 17th and watch the presentation (Item #16):

The LPCA emailed a letter in support of this budget (attached): LPCA Letter to Sac City Council Support Police Budget 5-17-22

Below is the message from Captain Dan Monk that came with this month’s reports

Good Afternoon!

Please see the attached monthly Chief’s report and firearm report.  In the Chiefs report, you’ll see that we have made some progress on gun violence reductions, but we still have a long ways to go.  Unfortunately assaults on our officers are up, so that is something we’ll have to monitor and hope that trends doesn’t continue. 

On the monthly firearm crime report, you’ll see data that indicates that young men of color are disproportionately being victimized by gun violence in our community.  As we move forward with our gun violence reduction plans, I will be hosting a meeting in the near future that I hope you can all join, and we can talk about strategies to impact that. 

Thanks, Dan

Land Park Neighbors : If you are interested in supporting public safety and would like to be more involved, reach out to us at: . At the moment, we do not have an active Public Safety Committee. Current board members are doing what they can but the LPCA would be able to offer more support and public safety information if we had a robust Public Safety Committee.