Local Emergency Numbers

Local Emergency Numbers

911 Emergency/Crime in Progress – Not on cell phone!
916-732-0100 Emergency/Crime – Cell Phone Only!


City of Sacramento Service Center – Staffed 24 hours a day
Phone: 311 or (916) 808-5011
(916) 264-5011 if outside City Limits
(916) 808-8563 TTY
Typical email response time is within 72 business hours. If you need service sooner, please call 311.


Submit your 311 request online through the following links:

916-264–5471 Non-Emergency – Sac Police Dept.
916-808-3777 Traffic Complaint Line – Leave your name, phone number, description of traffic problem, and the times occurring.
Text STRAY to 555888 Lost Pets- Text STRAY to 555888. You will receive a text message with found pets at the Front Street Animal Shelter. Information is updated every hour.
916-808-5948 Code Enforcement – Sac Police Dept. (abandoned cars, derelict property, etc.)
916-264-5868 Report Writers – Sac Police Dept.
916-808-8819 Graffiti Hotline – Sac Police Dept.
916-264-5796 Narcotics Tip Line – Sac Police Dept.
916-441-4264 Gang Tip Line – Sac Police Dept.
916-566-6418 Crime Prevention – Neighborhood Watch