Attached are the SacPD South Command Reports for July and August 2022.

Monthly Chief’s Report – July 2022

Firearm Crime Report – July 2022

Monthly Chief’s Report – August 2022

Firearm Crime Report – August 2022

Below is an update for the new sidewalk ordinance that will be enforced.

Hello Friends!

Many of you have asked for an update on the new sidewalk ordinance.  As you are aware, on August 23rd 2022, the Sacramento City Council adopted an ordinance (2022-0023) amending Chapter 12.24 of the Sacramento City Code relating to Sidewalk Obstructions and Pedestrian Interference.  The amendment to the ordinance went into effect on Saturday, September 24th , 2022.

In general terms, the ordinance provides for a four-foot, obstruction-free area on sidewalks as well as free ingress and egress into or from buildings.  The order sets forth guidelines for enforcement of Chapter 12.24, including that, to the fullest extent practical, when a person is arrested for a misdemeanor violation of Chapter 12.24, that person shall not be booked into jail, but rather, released in accordance with California Penal Code section 853.6.

DCR will be the lead agency to respond to calls regarding encampments blocking sidewalks with support from Code Enforcement and PD.  If you have a sidewalk blockage issue around your home or business, please report it to 311.  The city is engaging in an education campaign with our homeless community to make sure they are aware of the new code.

As the city navigates this new ordinance, I will continue to update you with any future developments.  If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Dan Monk, Sacramento PD, South Command