The 2024 Sacramento City budget discussions are happening now. Sacramento City Council will review the budget for the next few months and approve it in May.

The City Council is looking at where to make budget cuts for 2024. The budget will get a final review in April and then voted to approve in May (dates tbd). Sacramento has over 230 public parks and parkways. The city has only 13 park rangers to protect them and 112 maintenance staff to manage them. Yet the city is looking at adding more parks!

Parks cuts will mean less maintenance and park ranger support helping visitors and ensuring the rules are enforced (such as speeding and illegal parking). Valuable programs will also be on the financial chopping block. Programs that support disabled people, older adults, youth and after-school programs.

Voters passed Measure U to support Sacramento’s essential services like parks and first responders. Look at this city link to see the difference it’s made so far: But the work is never finished. Cutting the parks budget and moving Measure U money away means our parks will be back in distress.

You have the power to speak up and tell our city council how vital our parks and parkways are to all of us.  You are encouraged to write and call the Sacramento Mayor and your city council representative to tell them what you think.

On January 23rd, the Parks Department gave a complete presentation on the status of our parks. Here is a link to their presentation: YPCE Council Workshop PPT Jan2024

Here are the City Leaders to contact:

Mayor Steinberg’s Chief of Staff Mary Lynn Vellinga:

Mayors Office of Community Engagement:

Howard Chan, City Manager:

Howard Chans Chief of Staff Amy Williams:

Ryan Moore, Assistant City Manager, Public Works:

Mario Lara, Assistant City Manager, YPCE:

Rick Jennings, District 7 Councilperson:

Here is a link to call the Executive Team:

The Land Park Community Association was founded on the protection and quality of life in our park. We believe every park in our city should be properly funded.

We are the state Capitol, and our public parks should be shining examples of the best California has to offer.

Thank you for your support.

Land Park Community Association