Do you see a large pile of trash and stuff dumped on the street, by the bike trail or around our area?

Unfortunately, some folks would rather toss their problems in our neighborhood than handle their trash responsibly. Or some neighbors think they have a quick fix to their unsold garage sale items and leave stuff out for “free” where others wander off with it and turn it into a trash heap somewhere else. Either way, dumped junk in our community is an eyesore and not good for any neighborhoods image. It creates more blight and brings down the quality of life.

If you see a pile of dumped garbage in your neighborhood, call 311 to clean it up. And you see an illegal dumping in progress, call it in asap 311 or 916-264-5011

There’s also a reward program from $500 – $1,000 for people providing information to the City which results in an administrative penalty citation for the violator, or an arrest and misdemeanor conviction. For more information go to: